The CCODeL mission drives our focus on quality education for all and service to our neighbours in need.

Covenant University is a private Christian University, which has been operating with official status since 2002 in Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria. Covenant University is one of the leading universities in Africa found on Christian mission ethos. She drives a vision to raise a new generation of leaders and reinstate the black race’s dignity. The University prioritizes cutting-edge learning to make “the Total Man”.

The university has four colleges: The College of Business and Social Sciences, the College of Leadership and Development Studies, the College of Engineering, and the College of Science and Technology. Covenant University has had a rapid rise in nearly two decades of its existence. The webometric ranking named Covenant University the best Private University in Nigeria in its 2021 ranking and the second-best university overall. Covenant University’s Vision 7:2030 outlines a commitment to establishing a distance learning centre to cater to students’ educational needs, called the Covenant Centre for Open and Distance e-Learning (CCODeL).

The establishment of the Covenant Centre for Open and Distance e-Learning (CCODeL) was borne out of the vision to provide accessible world-class higher education to more interested learners limited by the existing human and physical resources or engaged in other life-demanding activities. Covenant Centre for Open and Distance e-Learning (CCODeL) is an excellent opportunity for learners who wish to study and learn in their own time and place. It is also committed to providing quality, accessible, affordable, open and distance education. Many learners have schedules that do not fit the traditional on-campus programme offerings, and CCODeL offers a viable avenue for quality education. Open and Distance e-learning is ideal for learners who want an education but do not live near the Covenant University campus. The distance learning centre at Covenant University offers quality and convenience for today’s hectic lifestyle without the need to come to campus. We provide high-quality online programs. As a learner at Covenant Centre for Open and Distance e-Learning (CCODeL), your academic learning will be equivalent to what you will obtain on campus.

Covenant University, founded in 2002 in Ota, Nigeria, is a leading private Pentecostal Christian university in Africa, with a mission to cultivate new leaders and restore dignity to the black race. It emphasizes cutting-edge education for holistic development.

Covenant Centre for Open and Distance e-Learning (CCODeL) was established to offer world-class higher education to learners constrained by resources or other commitments. CCODeL provides flexible learning opportunities, ensuring quality, affordability, and accessibility. It caters to learners unable to attend on-campus programs, offering equivalent academic standards through online education.

Our Mission

“To create knowledge and restore man’s dignity through a Human Development concept of the Total Man, employing innovative, leading-edge teaching and learning methods.
The application of research that promotes integrated, life- transforming values through Science, Technology and Human Capacity Building”.

Our Objectives:

  1. Provide facilities for learning and give instructions and training in such areas of knowledge that will produce sound and mentally equipped graduates, who will provide intellectual leadership in academic institutions, industry, and the public sector through the Total Man Concept approach.
  2. Develop and offer academic and professional programmes leading to the award of diplomas, first degrees and higher degrees, which emphasise planning, adaptive and technological maintenance, and developmental and productive skills.
  3. Promote by research and other means, the advancement of knowledge and its practical application to social, cultural, economic, scientific, and technological problems.
  4. Encourage and promote scholarship and conduct research in all fields of learning and human endeavour.
  5. Disseminate scientific and technological knowledge among scientists, researchers, industries, trade services and other bodies; and relate its activities to the technological, scientific, and socio-economic needs of the people of Nigeria and undertake other activities appropriate for a university of the highest standard.
  6. Provide access to quality education and equity in educational opportunities for those who otherwise would have been denied. vii. meet the special needs of employers by mounting special certificate courses for their employees at their workplace.
  7. Encourage internationalisation, especially in tertiary education curricula; and
  8. Ameliorate the effect of internal and external brain drain in the University by utilising Nigerian expert teachers regardless of their location or places of work.
Alma Oputa
Alma OputaManaging Director at Avant Garde
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Alma Oputa, the 2014 Overall Best Graduating Student from Covenant University, is a powerhouse in investment, entrepreneurship, and leadership. As the Managing Director at Avant-Garde Capital, she's at the forefront of global venture capital and debt investments, overseeing a diverse portfolio of companies. Alma is also the COO of the Institute for Research on African Women, Children, and Culture (IRAWCC), a transformative educational NGO empowering underserved girls to become influential leaders. Recognized as a Fellow by the Institute of Management Consultants, Alma's expertise shines through. With certifications from HarvardX in Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies and Child Protection, she's constantly expanding her knowledge to tackle the world's challenges.
Nnaemeka Emmanuel
Nnaemeka EmmanuelIT Governance Risk and Compliance Analyst at Monioepoint
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Nnaemeka Emmanuel Okorie, a first class graduate of computer science from Covenant University class of 2015, achieved a CGPA of 4.57. As an undergraduate he was an effective student leader and he received a number of awards of academic and leadership excellence. After graduation, he has held positions as a Business Analyst and Product Manager at Unified Payments, Decagon, and GTBank. Currently, he serves as an IT Governance Risk and Compliance Analyst at Moniepoint. His aspiration is to become a thought leader in cybersecurity space, contributing to the development of globally secure solutions.
Olaotan Faji
Olaotan FajiProduct Manager at Africa Fintech Foundry
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While swimming against the tide of the academic and social environments of Covenant, you lose sight of how much you grow. It becomes very apparent after you leave the campus and rub shoulders with those in the industry. The values and grit you imbibe in those days of inconvenience will set you apart from other graduates. This is not a cliché, but a reality. This fact, bolstered by the immense support, experience and guidance I received as a student in the CIS department have made me a force to be reckoned from the getgo in my career. When you combine that with the entrepreneurial environment of the university, you cannot get it wrong in the present job market. That’s how good it is.
Tamunobelema Miebaka-Ogan
Tamunobelema Miebaka-Ogan Android Developer at Vhi
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My name is Tamunobelema Miebaka-Ogan. I am a Computer Science graduate from Covenant University. I currently work as an Android Developer at Vhi. I have worked with previously with SecureID and Softcom before acquiring a Master degree in Cloud Computing from NCI. My goal is to improve the performance of mobile applications by leveraging the benefits of cloud computing. In the journey of life outside of career, I have also benefitted from the teachings and principles that were taught to me in Covenant University. How to go about being a better version of yourself all round and I am very grateful to Covenant University for these lessons.
Amara Ndianefo
Amara NdianefoBusiness Lead at QuCoon Cloud
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Amara Ndianefo stands out as an accomplished graduate with a First Class Honors degree in Computer Science from Covenant University in 2015. She has also obtained an MBA in Big Data Management from IU International University of Applied Sciences, Germany. She is currently a Business Lead at QuCoon Cloud, specializing in the SMB & SUP segment, where she leverages her extensive network and skills to drive impactful initiatives. Amara is also the CEO of Univaciti - an edtech startup established in 2021, she demonstrates a strong dedication to advancing the role of technology in society. With over 8years of professional experience, Amara's commitment to excellence and leadership is evident in her academic and professional achievements, reflects her drive for innovation and success in the tech industry.


David Oyedepo

Chancellor, Covenant University

“Knowledge is the key to freedom. It turns frustration to fufillment, sweat into sweet. Nothing approximates the power of knowledge. It is the key to dominion. ”

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