CCODeL: NUC Licenses covenant to run open, Distance e-Learning Programme

The Covenant University has been licensed to operate an e-learning platform, known as the ‘Covenant Centre for Open and Distance e-learning (CCODeL).’

The operating license was granted to the University by the National Universities Commission (NUC), scheduled to begin with the Computer Science programme.

The Vice-Chancellor of the University, Prof. Abiodun Adebayo, in a statement released by the Communications Department of the institution, expressed regrets that four out of every five admission seekers into tertiary institutions do not often get admission into the university.

He affirmed that the university’s newly accredited distance e-learning platform will help address the admission deficit in Nigeria, and foster educational development in Africa.

This, according to him, will enable learners to enroll and learn at their own pace without the barrier of distance or the rigour associated with classroom settings.


Adebayo said the e-learning platform licensing has marked a significant milestone in expanding access to quality education beyond the traditional classroom setting as it underscores our commitment to innovation, excellence, and inclusivity in higher education.

“We have only been able to admit one out of every five persons into our computer science programme at Covenant University, and this is because of the post-COVID pandemic that has led to the high demand for ICT related education, and certifications.

“For us, we welcome this and it implies that every applicant who meets our admission requirements, but was not admitted, can still key into our open and distance e-learning programme,” says Adebayo.


The Vice-Chancellor further reiterated that Covenant University is one of the leading universities in Africa founded on a Christian Mission Ethos; born and driven by a vision to raise a new generation of leaders and to reinstate the dignity of the black race.

He stressed that the University is committed to remaining at the cutting edge of learning that is based on the Total Man driven curriculum.



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